Evie McKenna is a multimedia artist living and working in Queens, NY. She studied photography and printmaking at Philadelphia College of Art and received a Masters Degree at the NYU/ICP program. She has worked in the field of photography as a fine artist, an educator and a photo editor. Her work has been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Europe as well as online publications. She is a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts and has been a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn College and Moore College of Art. As a photo editor and researcher, she has worked with a number of publishers ranging from the The New Yorker, New York Magazine, People Magazine to Women's Health and Entertainment Weekly. For the past five years, Evie McKenna has been working with NYC seniors in an Art Council grant project bringing the arts to seniors in the SuCasa program of onsite visiting artists.

   Her current work involves drawing with texture on photographic images from the botanical world in ways that alter the optical plane of focus. This work plays with emotional and visual preferences to see the world with as much clarity and sharpness as possible. The marks are made with oil pastels primarily and use underlying image as a template as well as a compositional element. Many artists use photographs as "reference" but in this work, the photograph is the base note and a kind of map for the final piece. The response to the photographic picture plane being mechanically reproduced vs. the visceral textural look of the crayon over top is a response to the excessive amount of imagery in the past decade courtesy of cell phones.

 The videos are works in progress and a commentary on seeing from a stationary point of view in a world that is often moving in a maniacal way. They are rough and short and function as video sketches for larger projects.

   In the pandemic year,  a number of animations were made that have yet to debut as finished

pieces. They are botanically themed and follow a similar trajectory as the new works category here. Stay tuned!

  The botanical photographs here represent a small amount of the work I have been doing for some time in the natural world. In the fall, several pieces will be on exhibit at the Southern Utah Museum of Art in Cedar City, Utah.