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   I am making animated films using botanical subjects with hand colored frames. Movement and line are the draw, or rather the drawing as I overpaint videos made in botanical setting using wind or motion that I instigate. The impulse is to hover in the space between reality and uncertainty by using the so very familiar botanical world, which is the subject of many image makers, and to dislocate the place we know and shift the tectonic plates underneath. To date, I have completed seven short films, all approximately one minute long, with sound. Currently, I am working on a larger animation using works from a visit to Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, CA and inspired by the paper mosaics of the Irish artist Mary Delany.

    Opposite is a still image from "Los Florets", a short animation that I did of a small garden in Jackson Heights, Queens with a riot of color and sound blasting from its proximity to LaGuardia airport traffic as a counterpoint to the calm of this homespun garden.   
* See more of my animation at

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