On Vimeo, I have several animations posted from a series titled "Make Me See Real"

which continues work with botanical subjects, motion and optical interference. "Los

Florets" is a view of street flowers seen through movement, color and pattern that

results in a brief contemplative piece. "Bluen" takes a similar journey inside the leaves

of fig tree in the fall. "Falling Pinky" and "Poppin" continue the explorations. Here is

the link >

  An online compilation of short films curated by The Diorama Room and titled "Tune into Green", with environmental themes can be found online from March 1st-May31st. Here >

   In fall 2022, a premier of animated works by Evie McKenna with original scores by Sheree Clement, composer, will be shown at the Culture Lab LIC. Stay tuned for more info.