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   On Vimeo, I have several animations posted from a series titled "Make Me See Real"which continues work with botanical subjects, motion and optical interference. "Los Florets" is a view of street flowers seen through movement, color and pattern that results in a brief contemplative piece. "Bluen" takes a similar journey inside the leaves of fig tree in the fall. "Falling Pinky" and "Poppin" continue the explorations.

   Los Florets was a finalist in the ALTfilm festival in Vancouver, CA in June 2022 and screened there in the Ultra Shorts category and was a select in the Lulea film festival in 2023. Chant and Los Florets were screened at the JH Art Talks in Jackson Heights, NY.

   An online compilation of short films curated by The Diorama Room and titled "Tune into Green", with environmental themes can be found online from March 1st-May31st.

   Stay tuned for more info.


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