Evie McKenna

  The description I am looking for is where the photograph can look more like a drawing with the emphasis on line and perceived volume. Optically this is the place where you squint and a layer of fog interrupts your sight is a moment and where you are getting primary information about your subject. Scale and form present themselves to establish the main elements. This ambiguity interests me visually as a way to convince a photograph that it might try to be a drawing and show only a few textures and details to give it away.

   Silhouettes have become a method for me to work on location and use only the basic information in making a recognizable subject lift from the page. The reduction of details and environmental clues are intentional. I would like to the viewer to see the edges that balance abstraction on locations that are known in a general or specific way. The influence of crafts like lacemaking and calligraphy is part of the process. The concept of textile designs with repeating patterns is another. The Pattern and Decoration movement of the 80’s is another major influence.